Sinton Police Department
217 E. Market Street
Sinton, Texas 78387
Phone (361) 364-2211


Monthly Crime Stats

Sinton Police Departments Monthly Uniform Crime Report

Each month the Sinton Police is responsible for collecting data in regards to crime and activity in the City. This data is compiled by the police department secretary and then formulated into a data packet. This data, known as the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), is then sent into both the State and Federal government and used for statistical analysis and budgeting decisions. UCR collection and reporting is required by all law enforcement agencies.

In addition to UCR report, the police department keeps a record of people stopped or detained on traffic stops, arrested, and contacted for whatever purpose. These records will show the race, sex, and national origin of the people being contacted by the police department. This information is also required by both State and Federal laws. This information collection is otherwise known as the racial profiling report. The collection of this information started in the early 2000's. View Sinton Police Department's racial profiling policy here.

As a result of the collection of this information, the Sinton Police Department would like to share a portion of the collection. The information shared only lists a fraction of the data collected. More detailed information can be gathered by contacting the Sinton Police Department. Keep in mind that the information in the reports you are going to review, is only a fraction of the information collected.

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