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Club Drugs

The term Club Drugs refers to a wide variety of drugs. These drugs are commonly used at night clubs, private clubs(raves), and at concerts. Different types of these drugs case different types of problems for the user's body. These drugs can cause damage to the neurons in the brain, impaired senses, impaired memory, impaired judgment, impaired coordination. These drugs can also cause blurred vision, muscle and motor control loss, seizures, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Some of these drugs can also cause amnesia and cause users to become victims of sexual assault or other crimes which occur when one is incapable of resisting or knowing what is going on. Higher doses of these drugs can cause severe breathing problems, coma, and even death .

Abusers of this drug, consume the drug usually by swallowing it as a pill. However, users may also smoke or snort the drug. These drugs cause increased sexual desire and a sense of euphoria. People using these drugs may exhibit signs of anxiety, hot & cold flashes, nausea, dry mouth, braxism, sleeping problems, problems with concentration, depression, and dehydration. Parties where these drugs are present may often include colorful lighting, baby pacifiers, lots of water, and cold room temperatures.

The most common types of these drugs are Ecstasy (MDMA), Gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB), Flunitrazepam (Roofies) and ketamine (Special K). Most of these drugs appear to be prescription drugs, but are actually a mixture of unknown products. These drugs are also quite addictive. Club drugs are also the drugs which are commonly referred to as "date rape" drugs. Would-be criminals will deposit amounts of these drugs in another's drink or food. When the victim consumes the drug and succumbs to the effects of the drug, the criminal will step in and take advantage of the victim.

It is recommended that one under the influence of any of these drugs, seek immediate medical attention. If you or another are seeking assistance in quitting the use of these drugs, it is recommended that you seek professional treatment.

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