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Drugs Affecting Our Community

Learn more about the types of drugs affecting the community of Sinton.

Though Sinton is a small community, it is not immune from its share of drug related crimes and problems. The Sinton Police Department keeps its hands full on the battle against drugs and crimes related to drugs. Drug crimes in Sinton can be directly related to other crimes in Sinton. If one feels that drugs only affect the people who sell the drugs and consume the drugs, one is most definitely mistaken.

cocaine Drug related crimes stem far beyond the personal effects on the user. Sinton police have dealt with thefts, burglaries, robberies, assaults, and even murder which all were attributed to drugs. Let us not forget about how drug use does affect people. Sinton police have also worked several investigations on drug related deaths and long-term severe impairment. Most cases investigated by the Sinton police where the user was the victim were cases of drug overdoes, suicide, and long-term illnesses, which stemmed from heavy drug use.

The information contained in the drug categories listed on the left has been collected from various resources and is intended on educating the Sinton community on drugs and their effects. You can also request more information from the police department in person or by email. Find our contact information here. For drug treatment information or assistance, check out the resources list below.

The Sinton Police Department also combats the purchase and sell of drugs by use of confidential informants. The Sinton Police Department is dedicated to the task of suppressing the proliferation of drugs in the community. Even though no effort will completely eradicate the sell and purchase of drugs in the community, we strive to take away the comfort of ease for those selling and purchasing illegal drugs.

If you have information that would be helpful in our efforts to combat illegal drug transactions in our community, you can report your information here.

The Sinton Police Department also pays for information leading up to the arrest and confiscation of drugs in our community. For more information about this program, please contact one of the detectives.

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