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Stimulants are drugs that range from amphetamines to crack, cocaine, pseudoephedrine, and pharmaceutical drugs. Stimulants speed up the users bodily functions and cause an increase of awareness and one's ability to concentrate. Some examples of stimulant drugs are crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, and speed. The cost of these drugs vary but generally the more pure the drug the more expensive it is.

There are many legal substances today that have stimulants in them. Those substances would include soda drinks and coffee. Doctors also prescribe medications which have stimulant drugs in them. Stimulants first became quite popular in the mid-1800's and amphetamines became popular in the 1930's. The stimulant drugs which are no longer legal today, were once used for commercial use in sodas and other substances. Medicine even took a liking to amphetamines in the 1900's. Even stimulants used today for medical purposes can still be deadly if used improperly or abused.

Stimulant drugs can be used in various ways. These drugs can be snorted, swallowed, injected, and even smoked. The most common form used is the powder form of both cocaine and methamphetamine. Rock cocaine is also seen quite frequently. The powder form is most commonly snorted but can be cooked and injected. The crack cocaine form is often smoked. The same methods of introduction into the body apply to methamphetamine. Users of these stimulant drugs need to be aware that these drugs are not regulated by the government, as they are illicit. As a result, the purity of these drugs vary, and the substitution agents used to cut the drugs down can sometimes be quite deadly in and of themselves.

These drugs speed up the nervous system and cause the body to release adrenalin. The body's heart rate increases along with respiration rates. The body's blood pressure will increase, and one's appetite will decrease. This response mimics the body's fight or flight mode. The user may feel a boost in self-confidence and may be more energetic. The user may talk a lot and do much physical activity. The user may also have difficulty sleeping while under the influence of these drugs.

As a result of this abnormal change in the body, the user's body will become exhausted both physically and mentally from the lack of sleep, over exertion, and lack of food intake. After extensive use, the user will often start to feel fatigue and may become depressed. After a few days without use, the user then may become irritable, anxious, and restless. Other side effects of the drug include blurred vision, sleeplessness, and dizziness. High doses of this drug can cause delirium, panic attacks, hallucinations, feelings of paranoia, and death.

Because stimulants are psychologically addictive, the user may become hooked on the drugs after extensive use. However, when one tries to withdraw from using the drug, they may fall into a state of depression. Users wanting to stop their use of stimulants often find it quite painful and/or uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that users receive professional treatment in order to withdraw from the stimulant they are addicted to.

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