Sinton Police Department
217 E. Market Street
Sinton, Texas 78387
Phone (361) 364-2211


Issues Affecting Sinton

Crimes and trends which affect Sinton.

The Sinton Police Department's Crimes and Crime Trends Page.

This page is intended to inform the community on crimes and crime trends affecting the community and its respected residents. Here you will find information which will help prepare you from becoming a victim. This information will also help you recover after having become a victim of a crime.

Informative Links

You may be able to find or receive further information not contained on this page at the Sinton Police Department. You can come into the Sinton Police Department and view the carousel located in the lobby to find more information. You may also choose to speak with an officer about this information further. Chief Eugenio De Leon is in charge of Crime Victim's compensation if you are a victim of a crime and in need of State offered financial assistance. Meet with Chief Deleon for more information. You can also contact us here.

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