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Racial Profiling & Complaint Page

This page will educate the public on the Sinton Police Department's Racial Profiling policy and instruct one on how to go about filing an official complaint.

The Sinton Police Department is dedicated to the public's satisfaction with the services it provides. We strive to better ourselves and our department in order to better service the community we serve. We also want the members of our community to be aware of the policy on racial profiling and the process to go about filing a complaint, in the event one feels that they have not been treated fairly.

Racial Profiling Policy:

In accordance with both Federal and State mandates, the Sinton Police Department has enacted a policy on racial Profiling. The policy notifies the public at large of their rights and protections against racial inequalities. Sinton Police Officers also have other required policies in regards to racial profiling in order to protect the public and the officer, also in accordance with both Federal and State laws.

You can review a copy of this policy online. Please click the following link to view this policy. If you feel that this policy has not been followed as prescribed, you are entitled to file a complaint by following the proper complaint process.

Racial Profiling Policy

Complaint Process:

The Sinton Police Department has enacted a requirement for filing an official complaint. This process must be adhered to in order to assure proper assessment to one's concern or complaint. In some cases, the law requires that the complaint be signed and sworn to before any disciplinary action may be taken against the member of this police department.

Anonymous complaints will generally not be accepted. The reason for this is because laws are also in place to protect members of the police department from frivolous complaints.

Please review the Sinton Police Department's complaint process below.

Complaint Process

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